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Great Leaders Highly Value Integrity

Many leaders believe that they are judged on results. And they are.

But what comes back to bite leaders is not the results they produced but the lack of integrity they displayed.

Many successful leaders are being removed regularly from leadership positions not because they lacked results, but because they lacked interesting while generating those results.

And while most of us can generally highlight areas that would fall under the category of 'integrity,' there is one area that is often missed. That area is refusing to take principled stands due to the lack of popular support.

You see, integrity is not just about not doing things we should not do, but it actually includes doing things we should do - even when they are unpopular.

Here's the irony of leaders that play games with their own integrity:

Leaders who refuse to take a stand, because their position is considered unpopular, will usurp their own authority and make themselves irrelevant.

Leaders who take calculated stands, even when unpopular, know that based on their position they will lose some opportunities. However, these leaders will be inserted into the conversation by others at critical moments as they want to hear this leader's voice.

Leaders must lead and not pander to the masses.

Don Cruickshank, Masters in Leadership & Management

*Certified in Team Leadership

*Certified in Leading From Your Strengths

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