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Become A Mentoring Leader

Jim is one of your top performers. In fact, some people would consider him an all-star. So you sent Jim away for a  weekend conference to help Jim grow his leadership abilities. You paid for his flight, hotel, meals, and conference fee.


It had been a full weekend, but Jim was energized and ready to hit the ground running. Jim had been at a business conference miles away and flown back late Sunday night, but when his alarm went off Monday morning, Jim was ready to go! From attending the business conference he knew that finding a mentor would be critical to his success. He had listened to successful leaders and CEOs share about the power of having a mentor. If Jim's career was going to really take off he knew that he needed a mentor. Yet as the days rolled on Jim never did find a mentor.


Jim worked for a large enough organization. How was it that Jim could not find a mentor in that company. Maybe it is because you were too busy to be his mentor. You believed in Jim enough to invest in him to go to the conference, but you were too busy to achieve maximum impact from his conference experience and your investment. 


Forbes notes that mentorship is a key piece for the success of young professionals (2016). 


Mentors can be hard to find, however, being a mentor brings extreme value to others and your organization. Learn what a mentor is and how to be one for others. As a mentor, not only will you be building into someone else, you will also find that your own blind spots become more evident, thus increasing your own leadership capacity! 

Choose from one of our service options: Economy, Value PLUS, or Premium.

Economy: The Economy level will get you the basic knowledge, receive basic mentoring, and basic overseeing of your mentoring (6-week program).

Value PLUS: You will receive knowledge & understanding of what mentoring is and is not, focused mentoring with 1 weekly interaction, and some access to your DC Leadership Mentor while you mentor someone (8-week program).

Premium: Premium will get you high-level knowledge & understanding about mentoring, focused mentoring with weekly interactions, and unlimited access to your DC Leadership Mentor while you mentor someone (10-week program). 


If you are ready to purposely build into the lives of those around you then we want to do business with you! 



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