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Change Management


As I sat around the board table it was clear that once again our group did not own the decision we had made just two weeks previously.


Initially, we all agreed that we were in consensus, but it was apparent at the next meeting that we were not. "I felt pressured that I had to make a decision right there, "said one board member. "Agreeing to this just did not sit right with me, yet everyone else was in agreement," was another sentiment. 


This was not new to our board. We were in the middle of some significant changes and our change readiness was low and slow, yet time kept ticking on.


We are now at a place where decisions made are owned and acted on. What made the difference? One simple suggestion of mine, "Let's agree to not made a decision on the same night that we initially receive information." That suggestion allowed board members who processed information at a slower and deeper pace to do so. Yet those that processed information faster were able to extend time to the others knowing that there was a commitment to making a decision, just not that night.



Yes, your business or organization needs to be nimble enough to have a sense of change readiness because, "Change is no longer linear, constant, or predictable" (Meyer et al.). 


Additionally, the rate of change is increasing.


Undoubtedly, you will have decision-makers with high, medium, and low change readiness. Likely you will find trying to make changes with those people frustrating, especially if you are the one trying to institute change. However, when you know how to leverage the strengths that each of these leaders contributes to processing change, you will be able to navigate change more effectively and successfully! 

Using a tool like a polarity map can help decision-makers not to rush through change resulting in unintended outcomes, or to get stuck in the change process trying to avoid all mistakes. 

Blank Polarity Map.jpg



Whether you know the necessary changes for your business or organization and need help developing an implementation strategy, or you know/think you may need to make changes but are not sure what changes to make, we can help.


We have helped organizations to make successful changes without disrupting their operations and we can do the same for you! Offering a free 1-hour consultation we will listen to you, the customer to hear what you need from me to affect positive change. 


If you are looking to make successful changes in your business or organization, then we want to do business with you! 

*We will agree upon the number of sessions to be provided before we start your department, team's, organization's, or board's journey to organizational greatness.


*We only charge for the time our sessions together take. 

*We do not charge for the desk time that we put in getting ready for our sessions.

If you are thinking about investing in the leadership of just one of your leaders, check out our Personal & Leadership Development service. 

Or, if it happens to be summer, send them or yourself for our unique Leadership Coaching & Catfishing experience! 

Don Cruickshank, MALM (Masters in Leadership & Management)

*Certified in Team Leadership

*Leading From Your Strengths Certified Trainer, Coach, Consultant


- Empowering individuals and organizations towards creating successful futures 

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