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Becoming A High-Performance Team & Reduce Turnover

The Reality: 

▶ Most "teams" are actually workgroups!


▶ Most teams do not communicate effectively! 

One major difference between actual teams and workgroups is that teams are complementary by design and know how to communicate with clarity. 

You might be realizing that you actually have a workgroup and not a team. Even if that is the case, we can your workgroup become a complimentary team!

High-performance teams know what features they need to activate at strategic moments. 

They are like the basketball team in the video below that knows their player's strengths, how to activate them, and how to empower them to use their strengths all the time!

Creating “believe in” is far stronger than creating “buy-in.” When you do “buy-in” you are trying to convince/sell someone. You can create “believe in” by telling people what they already know is true. And to create a high-performance team you are telling people what is already true about themselves. 

High-performance teams uncover the true strengths of each person on the team and release those strengths to be used. High-performance teams are not created from "well-rounded" individuals, rather from individuals with different strengths, which results in a well-rounded team.

In organizations, we often screen for competency, character, and chemistry...yet at times fail to screen for strengths. Why does that matter?

  • When an organization’s leadership does not focus on strengths, the chance that the individual will be engaged is only 9%. However, if the organization does focus on an individual's strengths there is a 73% likelihood that the individual will be engaged!    

  • Engaged employees in Canada give 57% more effort - Huffington Post

Stengths Wheeel Example.jpg

Your Solution:

We have been on and created high-performance teams and have also been on teams that are "stuck." I have been there before and can help you and your team.


If you want to develop your group into a high-performance team, then we want to do business with you! 

Do not just trust anyone to run your assessments for you! 

*Anyone certified and credible will tell you that these assessments are neither 100% true, nor completely unchangeable.
*In fact, we can tell clients exactly what parts of the assessment are most likely to change.
*We can also provide peer-reviewed data that showcases the percentage of accuracy for different parts of the assessment (tested regularly and across the world).
*We have played with a ton of these assessments also, and when administered by someone who is not certified and not credible lots of value is left on the shelf.

You will receive a 1-hour FREE consultation to ensure that we can deliver on your goals. After our consultation, we will provide you with a written report on a few paths forward that we could take in your personal and leadership development. We will refine the path until you believe that it will provide maximum impact for you.

*We will agree upon the number of sessions to be provided before we start your team's journey to becoming a high-performance team. 

We will refine the path until you believe that it will provide maximum impact for you.

Using this service will also help you foresee and navigate what we call Predictable People Problems. Below is the first video of a short five-part video series on Prediatble People Problems and we will dive much deeper into all these areas during our time together. At the end of the first video there will be a prompt where you can watch the next video in the series, and so forth.

$150/hour + $30/person assessment fee


*We only charge for the time our sessions together take. 

*We do not charge for the desk time that we put in getting ready for our sessions.

If you are thinking about investing in the leadership of just one of your leaders, check out our Personal & Leadership Development service. 

Or, if it happens to be summer, send them or yourself for our unique Leadership Coaching & Catfishing experience! 

Don Cruickshank, MALM (Masters in Leadership & Management)

*Certified in Team Leadership

*Leading From Your Strengths Certified Trainer, Coach, Consultant


- Empowering individuals and organizations towards creating successful futures 

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