Becoming A High-Performance Team

While Reducing Turnover

The Story:

"Don, I am stuck and I can't get out!" 


That was the phone call I received from my wife shortly after we had purchased her a new midsized SUV.


"How are you stuck?" I questioned. 


"I don't know! It was snowing while I was at work and I can not back out of the snowbank that drifted behind me." 


Immediately I knew the problem. "Take the traction control off, " I said to my wife. She hunted for that feature, turned it off and away she went. 


The Question: 

How did I know the issue? It was not because I am smarter or even mechanically inclined. I knew the issue because I had been there before. Years ago I had a rental car that was stuck, and after playing around with all the buttons and features I found something called "traction control." I turned it off and away I went.

The Reality: 

High-performance teams know what features they need to activate at strategic moments. 

The Problem:

Do you want a high-performance team?


Many businesses and organizations think they have teams, but they don't. At best they have a number of work-groups, at worst they have individuals involved in the same project.


In a study, the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management found that 90% of people claimed to work on a team, but when taken into account the basic characteristic required to function effectively, the number working in real (as opposed to ‘pseudo-‘) teams drops to 40%.


Additionally, turnover is costing You's how to lower it.


"52% percent of voluntarily exiting employees say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving their job.


You may assume their manager did everything they could to make things right, but statistically, that's probably not the case. Over half of exiting employees (51%) say that in the three months before they left, neither their manager nor any other leader spoke with them about their job satisfaction or future with the organization."

The Solution:

We have been on and created high-performance teams and have also been on teams that are "stuck." I have been there before and can help you and your team.


If you want to develop your group into a high-performance team, then we want to do business with you! 

Don Cruickshank, MALM (Masters in Leadership & Management)

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