Improving Church Leadership Teams 

The church must succeed as it is the only organization that purposely carries the redeeming message of salvation.

Yet many church Elder Boards, Boards, Leadership Teams, and top-level leadership teams struggle to be as effective as they desire.


Sometimes the issue is a governance issue, where the leadership oversteps their bounds and end up "meddling," or simply is not clear what they are supposed to be doing.

Other times, the leadership group does not know how to get the best from the people they lead and manage.  

Many people in the church try to avoid conflict.

But did you know that conflict in relationships, and team, is completely predictable?


If you are on a church Leadership Team we can help you:


*Know where you can expect conflict


*Understand why the conflict is occurring


*Understand the strengths of each person on the team


*Help your team to use conflict for better outcomes as opposed to fracturing the team.

As we have worked with churches we have seen yet another issue arise, church culture issues. The culture of the church is not what the leadership would desire.

Whether the issue your church faces is one of these three or something different, we at DC Leadership Training & Consulting can help you achieve the success of your mission that you and the world so desperately need you to achieve.


If you are looking to make successful changes in your church then we want to do business with you! 

Don Cruickshank, MALM (Masters in Leadership & Management)

*Certified in Team Leadership

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