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Business Survival Bootcamp 

Many businesses today did not hear the news that they wanted to hear!

  • Is your business failing to make ends meet during the COVID restrictions?


  • Do you know that you need to generate more revenue but you don't know how?


  • Have your best creative ideas still left you short?


As a small business owner, I understand the struggle is real! I too experienced a loss of revenue and have had to creatively pivot! I have a Masters Degree in Leadership & Management and have studied and applied:


▶ Change Management

▶ Creative Problem Solving

▶ Critical Thinking & Analysis

▶ Influencing & Pioneering


I am also recognized by LinkedIn as an expert in Leadership & Management!

Now is the time to pivot!

And, we at DC Leadership Training & Consulting would love to help you with that.

Here's the service we offer:

▶ Mystery shop your business 3 times before & 3 times after 

We want to make sure that you understand all the issues that you can control to give you the best chance of surviving! Even if your business is locked down, we will mystery shop you online, by phone, etc to show you where your business can improve! 

▶ Use proven techniques to generate creative solutions!

Many leaders in businesses are so busy working in the business that they do not set aside the necessary time to work on the business. Additionally, a common roadblock to productive creative problem-solving sessions is that people evaluate too soon which shuts down the idea generation process.

This session will ensure that intentional time is put aside to use proven creative problem-solving strategies so that all the low-hanging fruit is brought forward which makes room for the high-value ideas to be generated. You will be amazed at the quality and quantity of high-value ideas that I will lead your team in uncovering.

▶ Show you how to evaluate all these solutions!

Once a myriad of great ideas are on the table they must be evaluated to determine which ones your team will roll out. In some instances, you will have generated ideas that both have a great upside, but also a possible downside that you wish to avoid.

Once we have used techniques to help you evaluate and decide which ideas your business desires to pursue we can use polarity mapping to get the upside of the great ideas without inadvertently also tapping into the downside.

▶ Help you with a rollout package!

▶ Lead you to figure out how to sell with targeted and untargeted selling practices!

All of that for only $400! 

For an additional $100 you also can receive:

▶ Lead your team in Polarity Mapping the ideas you want to move forward with!

Every idea that is rolled out has what I call unintended outcomes. Just think about the last great idea that you rolled out and some of the negative unintended outcomes that accompanied it. The polarity mapping tool will ensure each high-value idea has positive results that you wish to achieve, along with action steps to do so.

The tool also provides negative results that you want to avoid as well as early warning signs indicating if the high-value idea to grow employee connectedness is moving in the negative direction.

Send me a message or email me directly at

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