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Good & Godly Leadership

He was a regional manager, he was highly respected, he was well educated, and now he had been fired. False reports and allegations of making people attend a lunch-hour Bible study led to his dismissal. It was a case of office politics and this time involved union negotiations that got out of control.


This story is not unlike many of our Bible heroes. Joseph's life did not go so well either until later on. He was sold into slavery, accused of inappropriate relationships, and thrown into jail. Yet his continued faithfulness would see him promoted to become second in command of Egypt!


Many businesses today are owned or operated by Christians. These business leaders are trying to serve God to the best of their abilities while operating their business successfully. Often times these leaders can feel a tension between what they believe is right and what is common practice in their industry. 


This workshop is designed for leaders in business who want to utilize the best practices of business in conjunction with Godly leadership principles. 


Good and Godly leadership are not mutually exclusive.



You will receive a 1-hour FREE consultation to ensure that we can deliver on your goals. After our consultation, we will provide you with a written report on a few paths forward that we could take in your personal and leadership development. We will refine the path until you believe that it will provide maximum impact for you.

*We will agree upon the number of sessions to be provided before we start your board's journey to organizational greatness.


*We only charge for the time our sessions together take. 

*We do not charge for the desk time that we put in getting ready for our sessions.

If you are thinking about investing in the leadership of just one of your board members, check out our Personal & Leadership Development service. 

Or, if it happens to be summer, send them or yourself for our unique Leadership Coaching & Catfishing experience! 


If you desire more of a family feel to your corporate setting, then we want to do business with you.


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