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Leveraging Your Team's Strengths 

"How do they keep beating us?" "We should be able to run over them!" 


These were the thoughts my high-school basketball team expressed as we consistently, year after year got beat by a smaller town's team. 


They had a player that could not make a basket from further than 5 feet away, and they had a small guy who could never get close to the hoop without getting crushed. If there ever were a rag-tag group of individuals that when assembled made an outstanding team, then it was them.


So how did they do it?

Well here is what they did with the big guy that could not shoot, they positioned him under the hoop to collect rebounds and pop them in. And that scrawny kid, well he only shot 3 pointers. And so it was with each player on the team they each had one or two strengths.


It was not that the other team had a greater talent pool than us, but they did have a more insightful coach.


What did their coach do so differently than ours? Their coach knew that each person on the team was like a chess piece, each one had a unique strength...and he fully leveraged each player's strength.

Your Hidden Competitive Advantage


The most successful organizations are not made up of "well-rounded" people!


Highly successful organizations are actually made up of people with different strengths who are allowed, encouraged, rewarded, and empowered to fully bring forward their strengths.


Many businesses and organizations believe that truth, but do not know how to put it into action. 


So many businesses measure employees' strengths without subsequently knowing how to activate that data. 


Why is that a large issue? Here is what we know about the correlation between employees' strengths and employee engagement. There is a direct correlation between employees’ strengths and employee engagement,  according to Tom Rath and Barry Conchie in Strengths Based Leadership  (Gallup Press, 2008).


However, if the organization does focus on an individual's strengths there is a 73% likelihood that she/he will be engaged! Furthermore, engaged employees in Canada are reported to give 54% more effort (Gallup, 2017).

If there was ever a competitive advantage to have, that must be it!


In the process of leveraging your team's strengths, each person will receive a personal Leading From Your Strengths 20-page report. This report will illustrate your personal and leadership strengths and weaknesses along with sections titled: General Characteristics, Value To The Team, Checklist For Communicating, Don'ts On Communicating, Ideal Environment, Keys To Motivating, Keys To Leading, Areas For Improvement, Self-Perception & Other's Perception, How You Are Having To Adapt...and more!


We will break down assumptions, perceived or actual, that are blocking your team members from fully using their strengths. Additionally, you will be empowered with strategies on how to move forward toward a new reality for your business, organization, employees, and customers!


Are you looking to fully release your people to consistently bring their best selves forward and to witness the benefit for them and your business? 



If so, we want to do business with you!



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