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Discovering Your Purpose 

I was nearing my university graduation and the unshakable question came up in my mind over and over again, "Now what?"


Last week I was speaking with a female professional who was looking at making a career change to be able to spend more time with her family.


A minister of 20+ years service retired and now was not quite sure who they were.


What do those three very short stories have in common? Each person is working toward discovering their purpose.


Regardless of the stage of life, you are in, we are all on a journey! Maybe you are just graduating high school. Maybe you have been in the workplace for a while and seem to have gotten caught up in the rat-race. Possibly you have just retired and are now trying to find yourself again. In any case, you are somewhere along that path. 


If you are looking for more out of life, or are looking to give more into life, then maybe you need to revisit your purpose. 


This individualized coaching track will help you either rediscover or uncover for the first time, the reason for which you have been created, and it will guide you on the path to adjust life to work with that reality.


You will also receive a personal Leading From Your Strengths 20-page report. This report will illustrate your personal and leadership strengths and weaknesses along with sections called: General Characteristics, Value To The Team, Checklist For Communicating, Don'ts On Communicating, Ideal Environment, Keys To Motivating, Keys To Leading, Areas For Improvement, Self-Perception & Other's Perception, How You Are Having To Adapt...and more! 




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