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Conflict Management

Not all conflict is bad conflict.

Not all conflict is great conflict.

However, when conflict becomes personal rather than working towards a better outcome, conflict erodes trust, hurts relationships, and diminishes results. 

For reconciliation to occur we need to see others as humans.

Some questions we will explore are:

*"How can I show regard for the other person by taking responsibility for my contribution to this conflict?"

*"How can I lovingly serve others by making it safe for them to take responsibility for their contribution to this conflict?"

*"How can I work towards and encourage a reasonable solution to this conflict?" 

If policies and procedures are the only training you have received as an employee, or given as an employer, you are failing your customer. 

At DC Leadership Training & Consulting we use a number of tools to help individuals, organizations, and businesses work through conflict for better long-term results and to become a more cohesive team! 

These tools can look confusing and overwhelming, but when put into practice they become easy to navigate and empower any employee to resolve conflict (regardless of the industry, regardless of any faith stance). Just like the Global Leadership Summit has illustrated for years, best practices transcend faith convictions. 

Your Solution:


You will receive a 1-hour FREE consultation to ensure that we can deliver on your goals. After our consultation, we will provide you with a written report on a few paths forward that we could take in your personal and leadership development. We will refine the path until you believe that it will provide maximum impact for you.

*We will agree upon the number of sessions to be provided before we start your journey to personal and leadership greatness. 


*We only charge for the time our sessions together take. 

*We do not charge for the desk time that we put in getting ready for our sessions.

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