Overcoming COVID Fatigue! 

COVID Fatigue is real!

Many of you are experiencing it!

Adding personal and professional lockdowns to all the regular stressors is just too much for many people. 

At DC Leadership Training & Consulting we are rolling out a new service to help you deal with COVID Fatigue.

I've been saying since the beginning, "This isn't going to be over anytime soon." I've also been saying all along, "Those who prepare themselves to deal with this will navigate this time with great success!"

This service is designed for people who do not want to just survive during this time but want to have a fulfilling life even during COVID.

This service has our lowest price of all our services because we want to see you THRIVE! 


This service is designed to help you know yourself better, and how to deal with that which you can control and learn to live with that which is outside your control. 

You will receive:

▶A personalized assessment and workbook

▶2 assessment debriefing sessions - 45 minutes each

▶2 personal coaching sessions targeting your individual needs (personal or professional)

Topics Covered That Cause COVID FATIGUE:


1) Personal

2) Perceptions

3) Relational 

4) Professional 



▶2 follow-up phone calls for you to gain perspective, be coached, and for you simply to vent! 

Introductory Price: $200 


*Contact for more details on customized corporate sessions 

Email me directly at Don@DCLeadershipConsulting.ca to start overcoming COVID fatigue!