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Are you looking for a keynote speaker? 


I have had the joy and privilege to speak in from of groups ranging from 5 - 2,000+ people. 

My experience includes:
*Weekend Retreat Speaker

*City-Wide Worship Service

*Training Workshops 

*School Assemblies 

*Guest Speaker 

*MC Weddings 



*Facilitating AGMs 

Click here (and then on the microphone icon in the new page) to listen to my most recent speaking engagement. 



It was the spring of 2011 and I had just been approached and asked if I would deliver the main sermon for our community-wide Sunday morning church service.  


Typically that privilege was held for either a local senior pastor or someone famous...I was neither. Yet at 31 years of age, I jumped at the opportunity to become the youngest person to stand on that stage and deliver the message.