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Services Offered 

All services can be fully customizable! 

If you do not see a service you are looking for we will look at customizing one for you!

Not All Assessments Are Created Equally!


Are you using MBTI in your workplace?


If you are you may be sadly disappointed that it lacks scientific backing and reliability!


Fortunately, the assessment I use is scientifically backed, peer-reviewed, and tested regularly for reliability and accuracy!


"But you will lose money, I know that there is a cost to doing business," that was what one client said to me as we worked out the details for their initial consultation.


At the end of the consultation, they asked me "How much do we owe you?" I responded, "Nothing, I told you this was a free consultation."  


"But you had to drive an hour and a half to meet us," they persisted. 


"Yes, I wanted to find out if I could offer the outcome that you were looking for."


At DC Leadership Training & Consulting your satisfaction is our top priority!


For that reason, we provide a free 1-hour consultation for prospective clients to make sure we can deliver what you want. It is not about pushing a service, rather it is about serving clients! We have the ability to deliver fully customized service to make sure that your distinct need is met.


Whether you are looking for a team building session, leadership training for an employee, consultation around a persistent problem, or to invest in your own leadership competencies, we can deliver!



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