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I have a zest for life and passion for people that are rarely matched!

I am fortunate enough to have been recognized by LinkedIn as an "expert" in my field, yet I am also an avid learner. I enjoy multidisciplinary learning and want to study the most recent trends and best practices of areas in which I am involved. I know that my learning is not just for me but provides me with new techniques that I can pass on to others to help them become more successful.


As an influencer, I enjoy the opportunity to teach others. In teaching others I realize that people can only learn from where they are beginning – whether that is knowledge base, skill set or competency levels. Therefore, when I am teaching individuals I ask them questions to determine their starting point.  

Foundational Leadership Beliefs: 


I do not believe that we should value people “so that” we achieve extraordinary results. If we do that, then we only value people in a self-seeking manner (that is transactional leadership and not servant leadership).


Instead, I value people believing that as a leader one of my goals is to bring out the best in those I lead. Yet I do not pretend that extraordinary results won’t follow…they will.


Motivation is one of the major differences between transactional leadership and servant leadership.

This is the fundamental driving force behind DC Leadership Training & Consulting and what distinguishes us from many other consultants and consulting firms out there!


So how did I get into leadership training and consulting? Read my article here

Leadership & Management Experience: 


With over 13 years of management experience, my optimism, aggressive problem solving, and a dynamic approach to managing change, have brought success
to every organization of which I have been a part.

For seven years I was a Director at a non-profit and when I started the organization was financially in trouble and offered ineffective services that were wasting resources. I decided that we should analyze the services we offered and the resources they consumed. Through that analysis, we modified some services while eliminating others. 


Some of my general responsibilities included recruiting, training and hiring a contingent of 20-25 volunteers every year. 

Seeing similar non-profits struggle with volunteer retention and recruitment I knew there had to be a better way. Regardless of the types of standard interview questions, I would ask, I realized that I could not accurately and consistently receive the information about my applicants that would predict if they were a match with what er were looking for.

So I found a better path forward! And while the tools I was using at that time were not as sophisticated as those that DC Leadership Training & Consulting uses now they were based on the same philosophy - screening applicants for soft skills in the areas of problem-solving, processing information, managing change, and facing risk. 

Every year when it was time to hire our volunteers I knew that we had a well-qualified applicant pool reapplying and when there were available spaces we were not scrambling to find "somebody, anybody" so we could hire the best candidates for the job!

As a result, our volunteers were highly engaged, greatly effective, and we significantly increased our volunteer retention rate and we were able to expand the services we could offer.


Unlike paid employees, volunteers are only intrinsically motivated. Therefore retaining high-performance volunteers is far more difficult than retaining high-performance employees, specifically in today's 'job seeker market!'

A couple of years ago I was asked to join the Leadership Team (Board) at my church as the church was facing an intentional transition in organizational operations as well as a transition at the senior leader position. The Leadership Team at that time informed me that my experience and education was in need to help them transition forward successfully.


After helping our church conduct an in-depth analysis of what we were and what we wanted to become as an organization, I was asked to help lead us in the development of a strategic plan in order to execute our objectives and achieve our desired results. As a part of that process, I was asked to lead our church and Leadership Team through the process of hiring our next senior pastor. Once we successfully navigated our way through that process I was asked to consider and subsequently with great honor accepted the position of being our Chairman. 

Education & Certifications:


My formal education includes:

*BA Univertiy of Manitoba: Major Political Studies, Minor Philosophy 


*Masters in Leadership & Management


*Certified in Team Leadership through Briercrest Seminary


*Certified Trainer, Coach, and Consultant with Leading From Your Strengths



The following has recently been stated regarding my
character and abilities: "Donald has excelled in his study of Leadership and Management and has excellent experience in doing real-time leadership and management.

He has gained wisdom and understanding beyond his years. Donald is a person of character demonstrating high integrity and authenticity, a person of strong leadership competence, a widely enough experienced person that he quickly grasps the culture in a wide range of contexts, is courageous and brave enough to step into demanding contexts and he brings positive energy and chemistry to any environment he is in.


I have the highest regard and recommendation for him as a person and for what he has become and will deliver wherever he is provided an engaging opportunity."



- Paul E Magnus, PhD

President Emeritus, Distinguished Professor & Chair of Leadership/Management 

"Don has walked us through some key practical steps to bring our goals and dreams into a tangible reality. It would have been hard to articulate and grasp these steps without his wisdom and guidance. We look forward to seeing our team grow even more in the days to come."

- Tracey Wieler

Church Leadership Team member