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Let me introduce myself,

My name is Don Cruickshank and I love helping individuals and organizations become HIGH-PERFORMANCE!

We have not taken on one single client that we did not help achieve their desired outcome! 

We are a leadership training & consulting business that helps organizations & individuals hit peak performance. 

We do that by offering fully customized training to address your needs, as opposed to trying to sell you something you do not need.


If you are committed to becoming a high-performance individual or organization, this is a great place for you to start! If being your best is not your end goal, this may not be the site you are wanting.

My aim is to make you, or your organization a better version of yourself/itself - and I have been doing that my whole life. How I do that is by working with people. Many leadership development programs focus on one thing, RESULTS! Do not get me wrong, results matter. HOWEVER, goal-focused solutions are only effective when they are done by empowering and releasing people to do their best work.


People show up at your workplace every day, right or wrong? 


These people that show up every day could be more productive, right, or wrong?


The problem is not that these people are stupid or lazy. The problem is that they have not been empowered and released to bring their best.


This is what sets me apart. The results do not come at the expense of people, they come because of the investment in people.


Many business leaders have indicated that PEOPLE are the source of their greatest FRUSTRATIONS.


▶Scenario #1

You hire skilled people who lack soft skills and hard to measure skills.

How many of you have put the following in job descriptions, "Strong communication skills," "Great interpersonal skills," "Solid organizational skills," "Ability to work independently or as part of a team," "Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and enjoys change,"?

- These are great qualities to look for, but most hiring managers do not know how to screen for them. WE DO!


▶ Scenario # 2

Interpersonal conflict causes friction and inefficiencies.

LOOK, people are not your greatest asset. If they were, then all you need to do is hire more people. MORE PEOPLE = MORE ASSETS...FALSE!

- Rather, your greatest assets are the strengths of those people! We help you understand your individual strengths and the strengths of those on the team. (Many leadership training organizations stop there, and that is why they do not provide you with value).


Look at your employees as a resource, a valuable piece of the puzzle. Consider how those pieces work together to give you maximum efficiencies. Find what makes each piece unique, and what they bring to the table to provide cohesion and the desired outcome. 


What sets our approach apart from other leadership programs, is that we bring you value, extracting the solution from your current structure while giving you the tools to make what you ALREADY have work for you and your organization.


▶ The Results

As an individual or organization, you will achieve exceptional results while increasing employee engagement. This, in turn, increases profitability and reduces turnover.


Feel free to read an article I was recently featured in here


If you are interested in how DC Leadership Training & Consulting started, you can read that article here.

If any of that sounds of interest to you, why not stay in touch!

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Education & Certifications:


My formal education includes:

*BA University of Manitoba: Major Political Studies, Minor Philosophy 


*Masters in Leadership & Management


*Certified in Team Leadership through Briercrest Seminary


*Certified Trainer, Coach, and Consultant with Leading From Your Strengths






*The following has recently been stated regarding my
character and abilities: "Donald has excelled in his study of Leadership and Management and has excellent experience in doing real-time leadership and management.

He has gained wisdom and understanding beyond his years. Donald is a person of character demonstrating high integrity and authenticity, a person of strong leadership competence, a widely enough experienced person that he quickly grasps the culture in a wide range of contexts, is courageous and brave enough to step into demanding contexts and he brings positive energy and chemistry to any environment he is in.


I have the highest regard and recommendation for him as a person and for what he has become and will deliver wherever he is provided an engaging opportunity."



- Paul E Magnus, PhD

President Emeritus, Distinguished Professor & Chair of Leadership/Management 


*"Don has walked us through some key practical steps to bring our goals and dreams into a tangible reality. It would have been hard to articulate and grasp these steps without his wisdom and guidance. We look forward to seeing our team grow even more in the days to come."

- Tracey Wieler

Church Leadership Team member 

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