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Divergence Will Either Propel Your Team Forward, Or Destroy Your Team...Your Choice!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

If your team consists of more than just you (heads up, you by yourself are not a team) then you will have differences on your team. When life and work are going well these differences will be embraced or tolerated. But we all know that everything goes well until it does not.

It is in those moments where differences will pull against the fabric of your team. That which was once embraced will now become abrasive. Those differences in strengths that once were tolerable will seem intolerable. Worse yet, you will see the other person as intolerable, and possibly belligerent.

How did that change occur?

This occurs because we stop seeing differences as something that completes the team. Rather, we view differences as something that defeats the team.

How can you make sure that differences do not separate your team?

The answer is simple but not easy. You must fully understand the unique strengths that each person brings with them AND empower them to use their strengths more regularly.

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