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How To Create A High-Performance Team

The difference between high-performance individuals and high-performance teams is more subtle than you might think.

That’s what actually makes fluking onto becoming a high-performance team very unlikely.

The difference isn’t in the willingness. The willingness to work hard, the willingness to help people excel, the willingness to learn and grow.

Managers that want high performance individuals send them to a course. Hoping, and wrongfully believing, that whatever that person learns will be transferred to the group and that they become a high performance team.

Other managers send the whole team to the course so they all learn.

But in the end, at best, that only creates multiple high performance individuals which still excel and accomplish far less than a high performance team.

Rather, managers that want high performance teams know something that many others don’t.

And it’s this...the only way to create a high performance team is for everyone to be keenly aware of their strengths and to be ruthlessly committed to operate in those areas a vast majority of the time.

The conventional push back is, “Then things that need to get done won’t get done.” This is true if you don’t have people on your team with complementary strengths. This isn’t true if you have people on the team that have different strengths that are released and empowered to operate in that space the majority of the time!

At DC Leadership Training & Consulting, not only are we going to teach you how to uncover and release those strengths, but we will teach you how to hire to fill the missing strengths on your team. As a result, you won’t just have high-performance individuals, but you will have what you really want, and that’s a high-performance team!

Don Cruickshank, MALM (Masters in Leadership & Management)

*Certified in Team Leadership *Leading From Your Strengths Certified Trainer, Coach, Consultant

- Empowering individuals and organizations toward creating successful futures

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