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Do Your Words Match Your Actions? Mentoring Leaders Do!

You have probably heard leaders in your organization give lip service to failure being a good learning experience.

However, most organizations treat failure brutally!

And it is not just 'failure' that leaders do this with. Ask any organization if they value creativity, innovation, individualism, work-life balance (which I do not even believe exists) and the majority of them will overwhelmingly tell you that they do!

But when you look at what they reward it is often the very opposite. They reward production! Creativity is not immediately productive. In fact, many creative initiatives may fail before one succeeds. The same could be said for innovation.

While individualism is given lip service, many organizations really reward conformity.

In the wake of millennials flooding the workforce, 'work-life balance' is becoming a buzz word, yet most of these organizations do not reward their employees that try to have a healthy balance. They reward their employees that produce.

At this moment we have a couple of choices. First, we could become disenchanted and hold hostility towards 'corporate.' Our second choice is to realize where in the organization we lead, and make sure our words are matching our actions!

Mentoring leaders put weight behind their words as opposed to having neat, trite sayings.

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