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Leaders Need To Pack Light!

We were going on vacation, and as is the typical practice my wife took charge of packing.

We weren't going that far away and we wouldn't be gone that long, but as I looked at the luggage piled up, if I didn't know better I would have thought we were moving. There was so much we were taking.

Later that year I was traveling by myself, and I packed my own luggage to make sure I had everything. As I was packing I found myself thinking, "Well I might need that, well maybe I should pack this, you never know it could be handy." In the end I was simply amazed at how much I packed. After my trip, I was also surprised at how little I had used.

Experienced mountain climbers choose their rucksack carefully. They know that whatever size they choose, they will fill, and subsequently, have to carry.

Your time as a leader is very similar to all those stories. You will always fill all your time in the day and have to haul around whatever you fill your day with.

As a leader, you must choose what you must do, and what you are willing to and needing to carry to be successful.

I have never seen a happy traveler who struggles in the airport trying to wheel around more luggage, bags, and shoulder bags than they can skilllfully handle. And the most successful mountain climbers have mastered the art of packing only the necessities, the essentials.

If you are going to be successful as well as enjoy life you will have to learn to say no to all the things that are good, might be useful, could be helpful, and might be nice, but are not essential for you to fulfill your life's mission.

Learn to say "No" to so that you can say "Yes" to success.

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