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Maybe It Is Not As Obvious As You Think

How often do you as a leader wonder why they can't see the obvious?

The reason isn't a deficiency in the others. It's just that it isn't "obvious."

Based on how others Problem Solve, Process Information, Manage Change, and Face Risk, what is obvious to one is not obvious to the next.

When we use words such as "obviously," "clearly," or make claims like, "It is plain to see," we are making a judgment that is true to us. This judgment may not be true to the rest of those on the team. So what's the big deal? We have both opened and shut doors that will cause frustration in future conversations around what we claimed to be obvious.

First of all, we have opened the door to negatively view those that do not see it quite as obvious as we do. "What's wrong with them" "Clearly it says something bad about their leadership." "They are the problem." These are all the types of statements we begin to develop as we walk through that door.

Secondly, we have shut the door to further conversation that would lead to clarity. When we begin to speak the words above we make it unsafe to enter into conversation. Those that disagree, or at least do not see it quite as "obvious" as we do become silent. And while silence at the moment may be nice, it is a cheap win at the expense of high-performance.

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