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PART 1: Boards Have 3 Main Products They Produce

1) Linkage to Ownership

Many boards do not adequately serve the organization because the notion of 'ownership' is unclear. This results directly in funding issues.

I would encourage you to change your language to 'owners' over 'stakeholders.'

If you use the word 'stakeholder' instead of 'ownership', that is fine. But if you start thinking of them as owners, the weight of the role of the board increases for the better. You may choose to keep a stakeholder in the dark, but you would always ask an owner for clarity if the need was large enough.

Additionally, the board needs to help owners know they are the owners.

"In the case of nonprofit organizations, it is even likely that most owners have no idea that they are owners." - Carver Once ownership is known, ownership is owned.

If the ownership is not living up to their side of the bargain or is not carrying their weight, chances are they do not know they are the owners.

Finally, board members must gather statistical evidence of what the concerns, needs, demands, and fears are of the owners.

If your organization or board needs help developing linkage to ownership, we at DC Leadership Training & Consulting can help!

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