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Smart & Healthy Organizations Actively Look For Information

Smart and healthy organizations actively look for information.

While holding meetings where people can show up and share their perspective can be helpful you may miss the very voices you need to hear.

Over and over I have seen businesses and organizations hold meetings where the community or key stakeholders are invited to. Often these invitations are very informal postings on social media. Very often not many people show up.

As a result, the business or organization believes that they have the green light to move forward.


Those who would have pushed back and provided a much needed alternative perspective did not show up at the meeting. Why? They likely had no clue it was even happening. The business or organization wrongly interprets this as agreement. It is only later in the process that the business or organization gets brunt and wonders, "What went wrong?"

Actively searching out information takes more time with numerous dedicated conversations between leadership and individuals. But it will likely bring forward the voices that you need to hear.

- Don Cruickshank, Masters in Leadership & Management

*Certified in Team Leadership

*Leading From Your Strengths Certified Trainer, Coach, Consultant

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