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Solutions Disguised As Suggestions Are A Waste Of Time

Jim had been on the board for a while now.

He had seen his share of good times and bad with this organization, but he was committed to the board and its work.

The board was facing a new problem that they had never faced. Nobody, including Jim, could immediately point to a solution. As Jim contemplated the problem he told himself, "Come the next board meeting I will have a recommended solution for the board."

Jim walked confidently into the next board meeting proud of all the time, energy and research he had invested. He came with a solid recommendation that everyone could approve.

The only problem is that they did not.

Disappointed and frustrated Jim looked at the other board members and said, "I feel like all I did was waste my time on this."

Jim was correct he did waste his time, time that nobody asked him to spend.

When we come into board meetings with recommendations, that in our own mind was an already made decision, we did not really bring a recommendation. We brought a solution that we expected to be ratified. A solution disguised as a suggestion.

A recommendation that is not ratified is an option, and not a waste of time.

A solution disguised as a recommendation that is not ratified is a waste of time.

Don Cruickshank, MALM (Masters in Leadership & Management)

*Certified in Team Leadership

*Leading From Your Strengths Certified Trainer, Coach, Consultant

- Empowering individuals and organizations towards creating successful futures 

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