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When You Can't Change Your Situation, Change Your Perspective

Often we think that we do not have as much ability to initiate change as we actually do!

Granted, there will be times where we actually can not change our current situation. In those times we need to change our perspective, or at least challenge it.

I do the majority of the grocery shopping in our family, yet I am still slow at bagging the groceries. (Whatever happened to the days where you did not have to bag your own groceries?) Bagging my own groceries was usually the most stressful part of the shopping trip. Try as I may, I could never keep up with the cashier ringing in my groceries. I saw the long lines behind me, people waiting, and me making their day longer.

I tried to become quicker, and I have become marginally quicker. But to be honest, I do not even try to be quick anymore and the shopping experience is more pleasant for me - and I don not hold others up.

How could I possibly be almost as slow as I was before, feel no stress, and not hold up other customers? Simple, I changed my perspective. Instead of thinking I had to keep up with the cashier, I realized that I only needed to make sure I was not holding up others. So what I do now is tell the cashier, "Just send all the groceries to the end of the belt, I can not keep up with you anyway. Then I move my cart to the end of the belt, get out of the way, and bag my groceries.

How might changing your perspective at affect the way you lead, work, and live?

Don Cruickshank, MALM (Masters in Leadership & Management)

*Certified in Team Leadership

*Leading From Your Strengths Certified Trainer, Coach, Consultant

- Empowering individuals and organizations towards creating successful futures 

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